About Mverse Games

Mverse Games creates gaming experiences in the Metaverse. 

So far it's just me (Nicko) creating Game of Stonks - Mverse Office. Some of the game assets will be minted as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that can be traded and sold by players, and used in the game for special bonuses. The max supply of each item will always be announced.

Game of Stonks - Mverse Office is a free to play game where you can link and explore your NFT assets in your own little office, put them on the wall, and do some minigames in the office. I have a lot of ideas for Mverse Office. While land ownership can be expensive on the blockchain, I aim to keep the office a free experience where you can invite friends without having to own expensive land. 

The Mverse.cloud/p/inventory page is where you can keep track of any Mverse assets. Once you log in with Wax, they can be installed in the game. (Not the same as printing, which you can do with any item). Follow the blog to find out about cool adventures across the metaverse. I'm keeping track of my favorite blockchain games on the Game List page - games in the play2earn / free to play market.


  1. I am very excited to discover all that is STONK I just really started taking a look today so pretty cool so far


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