Mverse Office - Game of Stonks Alpha

Decorate your office with NFTs - Images and 3D objects.
Your free office on the blockchain. Start customizing and make a shortlink to share your room. More multiplayer functions and minigames are in the works. (Still in Alpha/development)
Using my Byron Art nfts to test the new customizable blinders
You can print out some NFTs from OpenSea and Wax and pin them in the office. Enjin is currently disabled.
Please pin an object in place with F to save its location, or it might spawn in some weird place.
Left click button is also used to fire weapon. Or use the 'hand simulator'.

There is currently just one quest in the game but more minigames are in work. It is still under development, especially for performance in browser mode.

Where to play? 
On the front page here on 

The future of Mverse Office:
  • Play live with friends. 
  • Deeper blockchain integration. 
  • More minigames, NFTs.
  • Play2Earn mechanics.
  • Music and Video player for your own parties. ;)
While land ownership can be expensive on the blockchain, I aim to keep Mverse Office (and the little city outside) a free experience where you can play around with your creations or collections from around the metaverse, and show them off without owning expensive land.

I hope you will help test the  game. If you are interested in collaborating with in-game NFT items and exclusive drops, or wondering how you can promote your item in game? Please contact me on the contact page.


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