Bringing NFTs to Life in the Metaverse

I used to wonder if A.I NFTs will be a thing. Like pets / characters in the metaverse that you can interact with, train, trade. Remember the Tamagotchis? 

My first experiment Wand of Life can give an NFT in the game some basic A.I, making it move around on the map. Turning any NFT into a pet in the office.

Meet Lara Conner

The next experiment, Lara Conner, is a character that comes to life in the game as a companion.

Some ideas is to upgrade it new moves and different ways to interact with it.

Lara will spawn in your Metaverse Office if you have her promo NFT, and install it in-game, but that might not be her calling card forever.

Talk to Lara Conner in Telegram to 'upgrade' your friendship level and she might give you something soon.

The ideas is to 'upgrade your calling card' to unlock special Lara content. So every Lara won't be the same (she is non-fungible after all). She lives in the cloud and might even show up elsewhere in the metaverse, or in other games in the future - it's possible!

Alice X Alethea was the first iNFT (intelligent NFT). And I believe only 13 exists so far. 

"Alice and Alethea AI offers the audience the ability to converse live with an iNFT, and a collector the ability to own the experience. A landmark development in both the history of art and NFTs, this historic iNFT asks many thought provoking questions - What do interactive and intelligent relationships between artwork and its viewer mean for the trajectory of art history? How does this change our definition of art? How is ownership defined in an age of intelligent artforms? Where does identity lie as an iNFT develops and learns?"

Alice doesn't spawn in this game. I didn't make it. It's just what gave me the idea to make the first crypto companion. And I hope to one day figure out how to make that kind of A.I, with face animations as well, that would be pretty cool. Blockchain Lara has a face rig, but doesn't talk yet.


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