Wooden Wand of Life

 Created by an odd mage long ago to give life his to inanimate things.  The Wooden Wand of Life is available for alpha testers.

 (Get one on Wax ). 

 Holds 3 charges*

Use one charge to add A.I to an object in Mverse Office, making it move about in the livingroom or office permanently. Like a little pet.

How to use:

Log in with wax on the site before starting the game.

List your wax items in game.

Click the item and click "install". The item should spawn on a shelf.

Aim the wand at a printed NFT and activate with left click.

The pet can be picked up and deleted like a regular print. 

* During alpha testing, no charges may be consumed on the blockchain item's mutable data. So you may re-sell the item with full charge. In the future, there may be a cooldown/and a re-fill requirement (of Dojimatter) to refuel the wand after it has been re-sold.

**Take note of the current charges (mutable data) slot before purchasing from second-hand market.


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