Bug Catcher NFT Introduction

As a reward for alpha testers who find bugs (errors) in the game, I promised to give out some free NFTs. The first reward I have planned will be something that can also be used as a pet , can you guess what it is?

But first, this Un-Bugged Bug Catcher Net is given to all alpha testers who get a starter pack

What's it for? 

A Bug Catcher Net must be held when claiming Rare bug catcher rewards - by finding a bug and reporting it to admin, who will give the link to a special NFT (coming soon), and leave a memory note on the bug net. Some other drops may require owning a bug-net as well, which is a non-transferable item to show you were an early supporter

Why Un-Bugged Bug-Catcher Net?

The first 50 bug catcher nets were bugged, since someone could transfer them to other accounts and claim more NFTs. Everyone has been given the new bug catcher net before that could happen. :)

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Mandatory to report a bug and get the rewards. Read the pinned list of known bugs before reporting.

There might be some use other use for it as well, since a net can be used for other things :)

After this NFT has been distributed to early alpha testers, it can only be obtained in an alpha Starter Pack until the max quantity has been reached. The idea is to HODL your net to show you were an early supporter :) The old net too, but it may be used for something crafting related...

After alpha/beta there might still be bugs to catch, but hopefully not! I have some ideas for pets, blends, and crafting, and maybe involving the net as well.


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