Play to Earn - Metaverse Currency $tonk

As rewards playing and completing quests in the game, players earn Metaverse Coins , NFTs with a real WAX value. They that can be traded for anything really, but most importantly they can be used for crafting or trading in Game of Stonks Metaverse items, instead of spending money or crypto (WAX). (see Stonk Exchange)

1 MV $tonk - on WAX Blockchain

Distribution of $tonk

Players can complete certain tasks /quests for Metaverse Dimes and Pennies. 

1 MV Dime = 0.1 $tonk

By reaching the end of the quests in the game, and sharing a screenshot or link in Telegram (of their decorated office) players can still earn a dime.

A dime is one of the items required for Alpha Faucet drops. and also a crafting ingredient.

1 MV Penny = 0.1 Mv Dime

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Join the community on Telegram and share your creations / help find bugs, and start earning $tonk !

We also exchange stonk, if you want to get a hold of a Dime.


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