💧 Faucet Drops

...it's an Air Drop! getit? :) 

The latest claim links for your Alpha Holder & Fishing Rod drops can be found in the Metaverse Cloud Spot! 

Look for the drop💧 and faucet in the air, with a clickable link in the 'puddle' on the floor :)

You can bookmark the page and return to the drop link directly for your 'dailies' (repeatable drops*), and the Fishing Rod catches are in there as well. You can also ask (Rose) in our Telegram about dailies, or visit our Neftyblocks page and bookmark that.

How the drops work 

'Alpha Holder drops' can be claimed by owning the right items from a starter pack. When the current droplet runs out, a new one will be replaced by an admin, and the link can be found in the Metaverse Cloud. 

*The drops are all first-come-first-serve, and while supplies last; and may not always be 'dailies'. Future drops may require different items which the player can earn, buy, or collect.

The game is still in alpha, and this is our way of giving early supporters a(nother) way to play to earn; and also mint & distribute new items at any price they wish.

Find out what to do with the coins you've gathered on the Stonk Exchange page.


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