Getting Started in Metaverse Office - a Game of Stonks

To get started in GoS you just have to sit down on the computer and start doing the quests. No starter packs or purchases necessary. 
Turn on the mining simulator first to earn some background credits while you work. The 'Home Computer' isn't very powerful, but it gets the job done. 
If you manage to reach the end of the quests, there are some repeatable ones to do; one during day and one at night.
While they are on cooldown, you can customize your office with some cool NFT media. It can be any public images but it's better if you actually own the items, then you can do what you want with them, and also 'upgrade' the office to earn some more Stonks!

Save the Moonbats from those horrible NFTs!

Once you finish the daytime quests "Shake On It", you're close to earning your free Metaverse Dime NFT!
Create a Username / 'live' room from the computer with the ๐Ÿ”—Chain-Link button.
You'll get a link which you can use to show your office to friends.

After making a username in game, join our Telegram group. A welcome message will introduce you to Lara to register your Username & WAX address. (we have a Discord group too). Let an admin know you finished your quests. once we check your office you'll earn your Dime, and maybe a bonus for extra cool rooms too!

Getting started on WAX Blockchain [Playlist]

To start collecting NFTs on WAX, and upgrade the office with Game of Stonks NFTs you'll need a WAX Cloud Wallet.

When you've logged in with WAX, you can 'install' your Wand, Deltron Miner, Crypto Coffee, Lara, and more in the office.
Logging in with WAX (in the top left menu here on site) is important for recovering the room later, too.

And as long as you remember your username, you can 'recover room' later, or from another computer; and 'start from scratch' in the settings menu to make another room if you want. Recovering a room is meant to be done from an empty room. 

What do Game of Stonks Items Do?

The coins (Like your new Metaverse Dime) can be traded for certain items on the Blends Page.

Wand of Life can bring any printed item to life, works best with a transparent gif image. There's a little trick, if you want to make a flying pet, pin the image in the air first. For ground pets, just leave it on ground before hitting with the wand.

Lara Conner can come and visit your office if you have her promo NFT, for now. She also handles registrations and bug reports on Telegram.

Visit the Drop Shop on Neftyblocks for the best deals.

Deltron Miner & Crypto coffee- Increases mining power by 205% together, in the in-game simulator, and look much cooler by the desk. it doesn't yield any rewards automatically, yet, but I do send out some coins when players reach 5-10 coins in the game, and more.
You can also earn daily alpha loot from the cloud, if you have a mining starter pack.

Metaverse Pal is a customizable phone that can be upgraded with a cover and 'apps'. Mostly for decoration, and can be spawned in the office soon too for some extra functions.

Things to check out.

The Metaverse Cloud is our location for drops, some events, and some cool art on display.

When there's a new event or drop it will be announced by email, and in the groups (Discord/TG), so you won't miss it!


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