Halloween Metaverse Party

A Metaverse Costume Party & NFTs!

Unlit Party Pumpkin (Price 1 WAX)
Your ticket to unlock some NFTs during October.
 In the end the ticket can be blended into something else - an item to decorate your Metaverse Office. 

You'll find the NFT rewards on the Shop Page 

Quest: Show up in the Metaverse Cloud as your favorite character & share a screenshot for a chance to win a freebie. 

You can use any 3D object (.glb) from the internet as your avatar, if the file is not too large.  

Take a screenshot of yourself in Metaverse Cloud and share in the Discord or Telegram group. The 10 best costumes will receive an NFT reward!

Make sure to check the Blends Page on/after October 31st for the final reward..


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