MV Pal - Your Pocket Guide to the Metaverse [Alpha]

Metaverse Pal is your metaverse office on-the-go! A gadget to install some apps, media, covers - and it can be traded. The coolest thing is the NFTs look changes with new app and cover installs. So your MVP can stand out in the market.

Alpha testers who own a bug catcher net (from a starter pack or blend) can get one for 39WAX 

And the first app is Lara Conner's calling card! 

Comes with a pink cover. And will be the quickest way to summon Lara in the game.

To install app: 

Send 2x Lara Conner Promo to gameofstonks . Include AssetID# of your phone in the memo

Covers can be changed later as more become available, so don't worry about being stuck with blue or pink forever.

What is next: 

A page here on the site to manage the MVP, and view [media] in higher definition. Should be mobile friendly..

Installing in game, the latest items: Moonbat, MVPal, and Laras Feather Duster, can be installed in the game soon. I've just been taking a short break from coding to make some stuff, and fixing the website.

I'd love to hear your ideas for MVPal. For people interested in collabs, I've included some templates to make your own app page. Have to mind copyrights and stuff, so these are intended for your own website/ quote / logo to be included as one of the images on your NFTs (mutable data)
The next owner of the MvPal (if you sell it) can choose to keep or remove the attached media, apps, and covers.


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