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Game of Stonks [Alpha]

This is our main game you can play here on the website. Decorate and upgrade your office with NFTs - and play some minigames in the office.

Some quests take place at times across the metaverse, the locations can still be re-visited for clues etc.:

Episode #2 - Into the Ether.

Our Hangout and Drops Spot - Players learn about our new Metaverse Currency, gathered some coins for free, and can return daily to hang out, grab their 'dailies' (daily free drop) & more, if they hold the right items.

Episode #1 - Blockchain Lara Mysteries.

"Lara spawned in a strange location. She was researching the history of internet and the blockchain, and left behind this for people to pick up"

Players looked for the Lara Promo NFT in this location based on Museum of Fossilized Internet.

More episodes and NFTs coming soon. Join our Telegram group and subscribe to the mailing list here on site to get updates.

Our list of favorite blockchain, metaverse, play to earn, and NFT games:

Neon District

A cyberpunk RPG. Play to earn NFTs. Collect, Equip, and send your characters on missions. Climb the leaderboard ladders battling in multiplayer, turn based combat.

Where to earn $DUST (and some WAX NFTs!) - a Play to Earn Guide

A list of some DUST Telegram games I like. Dust is a token to earn for participating in chatrooms such as Telegram and Discord. Some games also use it as a currency, selling NFTs, staking, and more, as you'll learn when you dig deeper into the games.


Another open world 3D game with player land ownership and NFTs. Native currency: Mana.

Gods Unchained

A popular trading card battling game. Players own their cards and can collect them via starter packs or on various NFT marketplaces. 

A 3D open world with games and NFTs created by players. Native currency: SAND

Crypto Space Commander

A sci-fi space game. In the CSC universe players ships, components, and anything collected can be turned into the blockchain currency GRP or GFC, which is tradeable on some markets.


A mining simulator game. Purchase a mining rig for a few satoshis to be eligible for daily faucet drops. Seems more like a staking pool with a little game on top of it. But the computers and assets are actually collectibles which can be re-sold. Native Token: RLT

A platform where game developers share minigames, players compete for high scores and earn the native token FLR. Has daily faucet.


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