💱 Stonk Exchange

Got Coins?

Here are some blends to exchange your Metaverse Coins, or trade them in for other Game of Stonks Game items (WAX NFTs).


10x MV Penny -> 1 MV Dime

  • See the full blends page on Neftyblocks to turn the Dimes into other game items.

What's a blend? 

A blend will burn the original item for a new item. If you wish to be extra green you can exchange coins by trading them with an Admin (Nicko G. in telegram community), or anyone who has the right items for trade (at your own risk) from secondhand market. The official collection on WAX is gameofstonks

Find coins in the market on WAX blockchain 


Coins may be obtained in select starter packs and bundles while supplies last. From quests/community drops. And in the Alpha Penny faucet for hodlers of the right items.

These blends may be temporary until we can set up a better stonk exchange.


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